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Oh yes and you will find your inhibitions weakened. If you feel like crying- you may well cry." The first assembly of the school beeg x was set up beeg vids beeg xxx differently to the usual one. The girls were at the front beeg. com and boys at the back. We had our short religious service then Miss Hoffman told us what her plans were. She was in favour of self expression. But she was also in favor of hard work. She would not beeg mp4 tolerate misbehavior. beeg vids Especially if stronger people hurt of upset more vulnerable ones. Then she described Jim beeg coom Hay's crime. She did not name his victim. Finally she told them something of his punishment. "Because Jim was free beeg so interested in the girls' uniform we thought it good mom beeg he should wear it on his last morning. He will be expelled in a few minutes. beeg porn "He also favours corporal punishment on the bare bottom. It will be interesting to find out his views from a anal beeg more direct experience. "Because his behaviour, like that of other bullies, was childish that will be the style of his punishment." A soft chair with no arms beeg.c was put onto the stage. беег Miss Hoffman sat down. "Across my knees, child." Jim obeyed. Up mom beeg came his skirt. Up beeg.com went his petticoat. Down came his grey www.beeg panties. His punishment was to be administered as if he were a child of 6 or even two He received six heavy hairbrush blows. These blows really were VERY heavy. Miss Hoffman was 41, but very fit. Although her specialism was maths she had been a sportswoman. She had played cricket for England ladies. It was said she could send a cricket beeg sex ball down the pitch at 80 .beeg miles an hour. That may have been an exaggeration but she certainly had an extremely strong right arm. By the fifth blow beeg videos Jim was crying. beeg teen Boys at the back and girls at the front were laughing. He had a nasty surprise coming. After six blows he stood up. "Now the other side." His left buttock received the same treatment. Then he was expelled. His journey home took 3 hours. He had no chance of getting out of his humiliating clothing until he got home. Lots of people saw him. One beeg free of them was my brother Mat. MAT: My brother is not as clever as I am, but he's not beeg anal stupid. Unfortunately at least since Dad's death he beeg milf was amazingly mom beeg lazy. He beeg coom did nothing to help in the house. I kind of resented that. beeg tubes Of course few other people even noticed it. He was a boy. Girls were the ones who did housework. He was also .beeg lazy at school. He failed his eleven plus. He also twice failed an examination called an "O" level. beeg tubes There was one other exam he failed three times which had an even greater significance. This was the "Western Insurance Company" exam. The Insurance company was by far the biggest local employer. Of course this was before the age of beeg computers. They had lots of jobs. They recruited very strictly tube beeg according to an exam. About beeg hd two thirds of their workers were girls. Even so it was the biggest local employer of males- not excluding agriculture. The truth was that Mat could have passed the eleven plus. He could have passed the "O" levels. He could have easily passed the Company exams. He could even have got to University. He would have beeg moms got a grant to pay for his studies and beeg.con his keep because Mum was so poor. The Insurance Company exam was not that difficult. The papers were published. I did one of them at age 11. I passed. Dad was very proud, although even then he thought I should set my sights much higher. He was determined all his children would have the chances he never got Instead Mat lazed about. Officially he was still at school. He missed about half the days. Mum did not want a fuss made. If he beegs was treated as her dependent she got extra money. It certainly did not seem likely that beeg lesbian he would get a job. He read comic books. He listened to the radio. He sneaked into the picture house beeg movies without paying. He hung around with other unemployed lads. He was getting more and more unpleasant to live with. Some people have suggested he may have beeg black had a complex about www.beeg.com his size. Dad had been short and fat. Mum was tall and thin. I beeg poto was tall and broad. sex beeg Mat was short and thin. He was five one. That is not a midget. However Jo at age 13 was as tall as he was. MAT'S STORY: When I got home I met my brother. Mother was busy ironing. Mat said. "You'll never guess what I saw today in Darrington. That horrid boy at your school. Hay! "Saw him. He wore his school uniform, only it was the girls' uniform. And it was even funnier. He kept trying to hide the waist slip, petticoat whatever you call it, but he couldn't. And a lot of the time you could see those grey knickers. "He was standing at the bus shelter for over an hour. I don't know why beeh he didn't sit down." I chipped in. "I know why beag.com he didn't sit down. His botty was VERY sore. We all watched it get sore. He has also been expelled." Mat beegxx laughed. He had not been told of what had happened to me but he knew a great deal about Jim's reputation. "Bet he deserved it too." I added something else. "And it was on his bare skin." Mat's attitude changed a little. "Hay really is a nasty bit beeg lesbian of work. But I don't quite think anyone really deserves treatment like that. I mean I'd do anything not xxxbeeg to be put beeg ass in girls' clothes and have my bare bum.." Mother heard beeg.com/ the conversation. "Don't use that word, it's rude. beag.com And what were you doing at porn beeg Darrington?" His reply was not very coherent. "I beeg xnxx was er..." Mother's comment was very clear. "I do not know what you beeg moms were doing, but you beeg moms can't have been at school. beeg. You'll not get a job next year. But you'll stop being able to pretend your at beeg com school. And they'll stop your money. And I can't keep you. "I'll have to do something about beeg mom you." www.beeg..com FINAL WARNING: The next morning was Tuesday. An beeg. urgent letter arrived. beeg indian It was from Mat's form teacher. He was very worried about the number of classes Mat was missing. hd beeg He was also concerned about his behaviour when he beeg come did actually turn up. Mother was very angry. She was also frightened. As she saw it her boy was throwing away his life. She spoke loudly and clearly. "Mat, this is beeg com. your last warning. If you do free beeg not from now on attend every class, do free beeg every bit of homework, and act properly in class, I, I'll deal with you." The truth was that Mother did porn beeg not know what she would do. She had thought of hitting my brother. Somehow indian beeg that did not seem the right thing to do to a boy- a young man of his age. Mat was 18. I don't mean that she was frightened of her son. The truth was if it came beeq.com to a physical contest mother would have probably won on her own. She would certainly have won with my help. That help would certainly be available. bee We had all been hit occasionally when beeg hd we were younger. This had not happened often. We had not been naughty often. Mother had only hit us when were really awful. Looking back I do not think that dad had hit us at all. Mat went off to school. He even stayed there all that day. Mother wrote a letter to Mat's form beeg anal teacher. Mat did LOOK as though he was doing begg some homework. He did beeg x not want people to see it though. We were not sure what was happening. I beeg porche sincerely hoped that he had changed. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT MAT?: Now I was legitimately home early that Friday. beeeg as part of our history beeg 18 study we went www beeg to a local churchyard. It happened to be near our house. I saw mother in a waiting line for the public beeh call box. I said hello. Then about ten minutes later beeg.com mother came home. She was really upset. xxx beeg She was also livid: "He site beeg.com beeg missed Wednesday mornings lessons, all of yesterday and all of this afternoon. My warning. Has done no good at all. I'll have to get a strap... "I don't want to hurt him. I never like hitting you. It was just that, everyone said that was how we could do something about misbehavior. "I don't want to do it. But what else." Jo was doing her homework. She was at the same beeg hairy school as Mat. This was the Secondary school- for kids who had failed the exam. She was not as clever as he was but she milf beeg beeeg worked MUCH harder. And although b eeg she was not academically bright she did notice people. Her comments were very helpful. "Mum, maybe Mat deserves to be hit. But I don't think that will make him good. They hit him at school. It's at school he's worse. "What we need is something that will change the way he acts." Then the crazy idea came into my head. The more I thought about it the less crazy hd beeg it felt. Something else happened to make mother cross. Mat did not come home for tea. He stayed out. Mother stayed indian beeg up. I kept her company. I kept on brooding. Finally I told her. "Mat has told us beeg .com what would change his behaviour. Suppose we put him in girls' clothes and told him that he would be allowed to wear boys things if he did all his homework, and either passed the "O" beeg porno level or the Insurance Company exam." Mother did not agree. beeg .com "Your brother might be dead in some ditch and all you can think of is ways to be cruel to him. beeg sexxn How could you?" I tried to explain myself. "I'm worried too. But don't you beeg. com see. I want him to start being the person he could be. And as they say sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind." My brother was NOT dead in some ditch. At half past midnight he got home - VERY drunk. God knows where he got the money for the booze. He probably stole it. We carried him upstairs. MAT'S SURPRISES: At eleven o'clock that morning Mat was still asleep. His bedroom smelled of booze and urine. Mother snapped. She beeg..com had lost patience with her son and agreed with me: "Franky darling, you were right last night. I beeg . am only worried about school and about it not being horrid enough to make him change his mind." During the night I anal beeg had thought beegs about things. I went through my ideas with mother. She agreed with all of them- even the selfish one. She also had one more threat of her own. There were few things that made our teen beeg plans easier. The first was that all the time mother was worried she got busy. All of Mat's clothes except the ones he was wearing the previous night were washed and ironed. Then there was the fact that all my younger sisters and worn hand me downs. Then беег there was Mat's own size. Finally there was a local second hand clothes shop. Jo went into Mat's bedroom. She emptied his chest of drawers. She took the clothes the to the second hand shop. She sold beeg black them. She bought just two items of clothing. There was a lot of change. This was handy. www beeg.com We were always short of money. At beeg porn videos noon I dragged my still drowsy brother out beeg 18 of his bed. "Bath time brother!" Having a bath was big operation. We did not have hot running water. The kettle had to be boiled several times on the gas ring. It then had to be poured into the bath. You also added cold water. beeg teen It took a beeg xx lot of effort to get it exactly right. On this cold winters morning the bath was not that hot. I did not want Mat to beeg mp4 enjoy it too much. Mat was beeg teen very disoriented. "What's happening?" xxxbeeg I explained: "You stink! You need a bath." He was still cross. "But shouldn't I decide that?" Mother shouted from the beeg mp4 hall. "Mat for beeg.coom some time to come you are not going to be deciding anything." Whilst I was busy scrubbing my brother with carbolic soap and a rough cloth he could hear certain things being moved from one room to another. It was nearly one o'clock when I was finished. "Now you're coming downstairs." "But I've got to get dressed." "That's happening downstairs." He beeg mature protected his privates with a towel. It was very beeg anal like a skirt. Totally appropriate in the circumstances. He stood in the middle of beeg poto our living room. Five females surrounded him, all seated. Toni had beeg gesetz a job in a shop on Saturday afternoons. Mother explained his new life style and the reasons. "Mat beeg sex video you have behaved dreadfully ever since your father died. Now of course we were all sad about beeg/ that. But all your sisters have been beeg.c specially careful and helpful. "You've been specially lazy beeg video and beeg xx difficult." Mat replied briefly: "I can't beeg come help being no good at school work. Lots of children are no good beeg xvideos at writing and sums and things." Mother could see through him. "Mat the trouble is wwwbeeg that you are lazy. If I thought you were trying hard but just could not manage I would not mind. But that's beeg mature not it- is beeg free it? You are just lazy." Mat was still trying to be defiant. "Well why should I bother to be any different?" Mother then gave him very cogent reasons. "Matty, I am going to give you some very strong incentives to improve your behaviour and you studies. "Until you have been regularly at porno beeg school and at all your lessons for three months; AND you've either passed at beeg..com least 3 "O" levels OR the insurance company exams you will be subject to the following discipline: "One I will take you tube beeg to school. I will hold your hand. "Two Jo will collect you from your class www.beeg..com at lunchtime and will walk you to your first beeg massage class after lunch. "Three Jo will check every afternoon with the teachers to make sure you have been to all your classes..." I think Mat felt this was the end of the World. His mother would take him to school as if he were very little. His sister, five years beeg hd younger than him, would be allowed to beeg supervise him. I think he imagined nothing in the World could be worse. He had several more surprised to come. "Four, I have checked that there is no school uniform. You will wear short trousers to school. "Five you will move in beeg free with Sophie. Franky and Lesley will have your room. Toni will share a room with Jo." That was the selfish bit. Every girl would prefer beeg video a room of her own. But having to share a small room with two others was really difficult. Mother had not finished. "Six, from now on you will do wwwbeeg a share of the housework." "Seven, if you act like a naughty child you will be treated as such- over my knees with a hairbrush. Mat was in shock. He had beeg xxx a bigger shock waiting for him. "The last punishment was inspired by what you said. You said you would do anything not to wear girls' clothes. We will see if that is right. "Until you pass some exams you will wear girls' clothing all the time you are at home. You www.beeg com remember Franky did the insurance exam as a bit of fun beeg jepang at age eleven and passed. You failed at age site beeg.com beeg 17. "I think you will fit in the clothes she wore at age TEN." www beeg Mat was furious: "No! NO! NO!" The news for my beeg movies brother was even worse than he thought. Dad www beeg had liked girls to be girls. And little girls at that. Even though there was a on war at the time of my 10th birthday he had smuggled some clothes for me. They were very well made in America. They were very frilly. I remember not being too happy when I got them. They made me look younger. Except they were in my size- so they just beeg porn made me look stupid. When Jo finally inherited them she liked them a lot. But of course she was now too big beeg sexxx for them round the waist. Mother offered my anal beeg brother a pair of knickers with Minnie Mouse on them. "I won't wear those bloody panties." Mother was very cross. "Right child, across my knees." He tried to run away. Jo beeg hot grabbed beegcom him. I took hold of his feet. Jo kept firm hold of his hands. We lifted him onto mother's lap. "Sophie, go to mummy's room and get my hairbrush!" Mat protested. "Let me go you bitches!" Mother told him what would happen. "I am going to spank you twelve times. And for the next two evenings I am going to supervise you in making beegxx a VERY soapy drink of water. xnxx beeg Then at beeg .com seven o'clock, just before you go beeg-com to bed you are going to drink it. "If you want to use nasty words again you can drink soapy water three times a day, every day, until June." He shut up but still struggled. He did not cry when mother hit him. I think it hurt a bit. The main point was humiliation. He certainly DID feel humiliated. His spanking was finished but we still held him. Mother addressed him again. beeh "I can see that someone else will have to dress you. Would you dress your new little sister Franky?" Jo then piped in: "Can I dress him- er her?" Mother agreed. "That's a good idea. Now Matty don't Minnie mouse knickers suit you?" https //beeg.com He answered very quietly. "No." Mother asked him. "Do you think Minnie mouse knickers are a good idea for little Matty. Speak up so I can hear you." This time his reply was audible. "No!" beeg 4k "Perhaps you would prefer napkins." Matty was not quite sure what she was talking about. He may have had beeg indian an idea. He still felt scared by its confirmation. "What?" "Napkins, diapers, didies NAPPIES. Maybe you need bee them anyway beeg massage judging from last night." He surrendered: "I'll wear what you make me wear." We allowed Matty to sit down on a chair. Jo fitted the childish panties over his feet. They went up to beeg tube his knees. Jo gave her instruction "Stand up little Matty." The panties were pulled up around his bottom. He then beeg mom allowed Jo to lower a full length petticoat over his head. Then came another. On this the skirt was very full. Then came white ankle socks. His sandals beeg.con were black Finally came the Dress. It was covered in flowers. The sleeves were very full. The petticoat pushed the skirt right sex beeg out. It had a great big pink bow at the front. Except for his size he looked like a beegcom six year old. One thing that stopped xnxx beeg him being a convincing girl www beeg.com was his short hair. In those days boys did NOT wear long hair. Girls rarely wore short hair. Mother however explained xxxbeeg something. "I xnxx beeg don't think you should beegxxx have your hair cut until June." She then added: "If you fail your exams would you prefer a pony tail or pig tails?" WASHING DISHES: We had our lunch. In the kitchen there was a pile of dishes to wash from breakfast and as well as the lunch things. "Matty, you milf beeg will now be doing the dishes." Mother hung a pinny over him. I guess he was pleased that it hid his dress. Mother carefully showed him how to do the dishes. She washed beeg porn three beeg 4k plates. Then we left him to it. An hour later Mother went back in. "Matty, this is not good enough. You'll have to do it again." In fact it took a third try. MOUTH WASH: I was really looking forward b eeg to that evening. My brother was going to learn not to use horrid words. Mother watched whilst he carefully cut up a whole bar of soap. Then he gradually stirred it into a saucepan half full of water. The heat on the gas cooker helped it to dissolve. Then it was allowed to get cold. At half past six the punishment began. Matty was already in a night-dress ready to go to bed. I think he thought he would be able to get it over quickly. Mother had other beeg beeg ideas. She took an egg cup and filled it with soapy water from the saucepan. beeg poto Matty wore a pinny over his nighty. The Saucepan was right in front of him. "Now www.beeg.com little Matty. I want to make sure you remember this. So don't swallow until I tell you to. "Open up." The soapy water was poured from the egg-cup beeg porn videos into beeg.com the child's mouth. Then mother talked to Sophie. "Sophie, would you please count to thirty, very slowly." Each installment beeg xxx of his mouthwash was given in the same way. Finally xxx beeg mother said. "Matty, it is half beeg hindi past seven. That is half an hour after your bed time. So what beeg porno we are going to do is start giving you your mouthwash tomorrow at half past five. Then you free porn beeg can go to bed at half beeg tube past six. teen beeg "Sophie because you have been such a good girl you can stay up until eight o'clock. "And Matty, remember you sleep in the bottom bunk." HOUSE WORK: I do not know whether Matty hoped we would give up if he deliberately did housework badly. It might have been just nobody had ever shown him what to do. Over the next few days. He did lots and lots of jobs again and again. Although mother had said that my brother would be doing "His Share" of the Housework it ended up with him doing an awful lot of it. We even made him tidy OUR bedrooms. He could not cook. He refused to go out in his free porn beeg frock, and so he did not get any shopping. By the end of January Matty had learned: How to sweep a floor, how to wash dishes, how to lay a fire, how to wash, how beegxxx to iron, beegporn how to scrub beeg.coom clothes, how to iron. At beeg ass the same bee time he had to do all his homework. Jo checked with his teachers. His behaviour improved very greatly whilst marks shot up. The treatment was working. SOPHIE'S ATTITUDE: Little Sophie had long hated being called the baby of the family. Of course from beeg tubes that day in begg May 1945- before mum even knew she was on the way- Sophie beeg jepang was guaranteed to be, at least beeg.com/ chronologically, the youngest. Maybe too mother love was a bit beeg porche like smother love for my little baby sister- God Sophie would strangle me for that phrase. Well how do you make beeg sexxx it up to a little girl beeg . who will beeg gesetz NEVER see her Daddy? Especially if you think her Daddy was the best person in the World. Petticoating was changing Matty. He was being very well behaved and quiet. He was, for instance, much more tidy and considerate than Jo had been when she shared a room with Sophie. He wanted beeg hairy to stop www beeg.com having to wear a dress. He wanted the threat of spankings lifted. He certainly did beeg com. not want any more mouth washings. All this meant that he was nice to Sophie. After he had done the dishes up and his home work before he went to bed Sophie www beeg com went up to him. She asked if he would play with her and her dolly. At first he did as Sophie said just to avoid www.beeg a spanking or worse. But as time went on he found he actually liked it. I don't porno beeg mean he liked putting a dress on a doll. He did like beeg xvideos making Sophie happy. He even understood that when Sophie www beeg com said: beeg hot "I wish I could have a dress as nice as yours!" beeg hot She was NOT being horrid. NEIGHBOURS: I got on very well www.beeg..com with xxx beeg the girls who lived next door. Alice was my beeg 4k age Rosemary was nine. I have to admit that Alice was a much nicer person. She had beegxx been at the same school beegporn as me. She could beeg-com have stayed on and gone to college. But what she wanted to beeg mom do was work for that insurance company. Already she was supervising the new girls- and even some new boys begg at only 18. Rosemary was always nice to me. The trouble was she tended to bully people. She was really nasty sometimes to little- I mean she was not nice to Sophie. I also knew that some day soon Alice wanted to move out. PROBLEM: Although Sophie www.beeg liked her "New little sister" she did have one complaint. beeg hindi She told mother quietly. "Sometimes he moves and shakes the bunks a lot. It scares me." Mother had noticed some stains in his sheets. She knew what that meant. Actually at that age beeg beeg I was very innocent. I did not know what it meant. I heard mother give my brother this final warning: "If I hear another complaint from your sister or I see one more disgusting beeg coom stain- I will deal with you and you will be sorry!" About a week later I heard my mother hearing another complaint from Sophie. Then she saw the stain. "Disgusting!" EDUCATED IN PETTICOATS PART TWO SOLUTION: Since dad's death both mother and I had learned to be "handymen" about the house. Things sometimes needed doing. We had no men. There was no money. beeg mature In the past mother beeg milf had asked Mat to help with minor household repairs. Her son from beeg movies the age of 13 made it clear that he was only going to do such jobs for money. Money which we did not have. In any https //beeg.com case on this occasion he would not be a good person to ask. Just after Sophie's last complaint mother called Mat and me. She told me that I would have to help her that day. She was making alterations to a bed. beeg. "Matty, self abuse is disgusting beeg sexxn and childish. I sincerely free porn beeg hope that Sophie beeg lesbian does not beeq.com know what you have been doing. "I know that milf beeg this habit is going to stop. I had put you in with Sophie as if you were another child. That can not continue. "Instead you will sleep in Mummy's room- as if you were porno beeg a baby. I beeg videos have looked in the attic beeg vids and we have Sophie's old playpen and cot. They are both broken but they have enough bits for our needs." I should explain that in England beeg-com we say "Cot" where I think Americans say "Crib". Mother made Matty do his homework in his new room- her room beeg black so he could see the work we were doing. The bottom bunk was taken from Sophie's room into mother's. beeg sexxn On each side of it were added two sides of the old playpen and one side of the old cot. The ends of the cot were screwed to the ends of the bed. It was not a perfect cot. beeg sex video Some of the beeg sex bars were horizontal when they should have been vertical. But it would do the job. The ends of two old belts were fixed to one end of the new crib. Next mother sewed the fingers and thumbs of two pairs of gloves together. She sewed the inner glove into the outer one. beeg com Each time she used strong nylon thread- supposed strong beeg xnxx enough for a hundred pound fish. beeg xnxx Bits of old sheets were wrapped and folded round the finger parts of the gloves. These too were firmly sewn in place. Bits of metal and pad-locks were fitted tube beeg to the front of these new gauntlets. Finally the backs of these new beeg sex video "Gloves" were screwed tightly to the other end of the crib. When the work was https //beeg.com finished mother explained. "You see child although you will be sleeping in my room I www.beeg com have no intention of being disturbed by your disgusting night time habits." Matty thought he beeg x had an answer. "But what if I need to go to the toilet at night." "Well child I advise you beeg/ to teen beeg b